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Our customer service is to help with fitment of new shifters we have sold, It seems now most people needing help have bought second hand shifters even though they would only be a very small fraction of whats being fitted The issues are usually 1, Don’t read the instructions 2, Have completly the wrong shifter 3, Are missing parts. We do not provide assistance for this.

If you don’t understand electrical pay someone else to do it or watch some youtube videos on it, the knowledge will stay with you a life time and be well worth while but we cannot give lessons on automotive wiring.

Product Instructions 


R154 >

~ Nissan CD/JK > CD/JK short instructions V2 revised 6 October 2021

~Tr6060/T56 Remote Mount > Remote mount instructions

~T-5 >  T5 instructions

~Magnum 6 bolt  > Magnum instructions pdf 

~Magnum- F  Magnum-F fitting instructions

~Magnum XL >  Ford magnum XL instructions Pdf. 

~T56 GM > T56 GM Instructions Pdf.

~Ford T56/Tr6060 > Ford T56/Tr6060 instructions Pdf.

~Viper T56/Tr6060 >Viper T56/Tr6060 instructions Pdf.

~H-track shifter> Available soon.


~ Gear indicator > Gear indicator instructions Pdf.

~ Load cell/ Strain Gauge gear knob > Gear knob Instructions Pdf.

~ High mount sequential lever >  Available soon 

Instalation Diagrams


~Tr6060/T56 Remote Mount >

~T-5 > T5 Diagram

~Magnum 6 bolt  >Magnum-6-bolt Diagram

~Magnum XL > Magnum-xl Diagram

~T56 GM > Gm-t56-shifter Diagram

~Ford T56/Tr6060 >Ford-t-56-tr-6060 Diagram

~Viper T56/Tr6060 > Viper T-56/Tr6060 Diagram

~H-track shifter> H-track shifter Diagram


~ Gear indicator >  Gear indicator Diagram

~Gear position sensor > Gear indicator Diagram

~ Offset/adaptable/short shift lever >  Adaptable lever Diagram

~ High mount sequential lever > High mount sequential lever Diagram

~ Convert GMt56 to Magnum F >