H-Track, The Ultimate H pattern shifter

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Our H-Track is designed to make it easy to use those late model T-56 & Tr-6060 transmissions that come in most V8 cars post 2005. For years we have seen people choosing early t56 transmissions to use with engine swaps simply because it was to hard to mount a shifter to the late model Tr-6060 transmissions or do expensive rear housing swaps to get the shifter in the right spot, this is our solution.

The complete kit (with linkages and rubber surrounds) will ensure ease throughout your custom build and allow complete mounting freedom.  All you will have to so is cut the rods to length and drill fit the couplings which can be done with basic hand tools and you can have the shift lever any where between 100 & 450mm behind the gearbox shift coupling.


  • High mount lever: This brings the shift knob close to the steering wheel in a much more comfortable position that leads to quicker shifts and less time you don’t have both hands on the wheel.


  • Floating pivot: This is the magic of the design, With a standard floor mounted shifter found elsewhere 5mm of engine movement will turn into 25mm of shift knob movement, the factory designs use a sliding bracket to keep the 5mm as 5mm of movement, our floating pivot reduces  5mm to 0.2mm so the gear knob and the next gear are always where you left them.


  • Angle change linkage: Usually a long lever like found here would mean a very wide gate spacing which is terrible to drive with. With the use of a linkage we were able to make the gate spacing very close to the point where the driver is not so much finding the position of the gate but feeling the force of each gate position.


  • Silicone boot: This shifter looks great and we know you guys don’t want to cover it up, so we have used a custom moulded boot that sits under the floor to keep everything out and give you the complete package ready to use.


  • Adaptable: Don’t be limited to what we have done, this shifter could easily be adapted to many other linkage style transmissions. All you will need is a way to connect the shift rod the gearbox and another point on the gearbox to connect the brace bar too. Just keep in mind that there is no reverse lock out function on H-track as this is electronic on the T-56/Tr-6060.

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 16 × 16 cm

2 reviews for H-Track, The Ultimate H pattern shifter

  1. Andrew Predoehl (verified owner)

    The quality of the shifter is great. I am installing it in a 5th gen Camaro race car. The hardware that came with it are all grade 12.9. I can’t wait to drive it.

  2. Russell Nagel (verified owner)

    Sensational Product

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