1. All sales are final we do not refund because you change your mind.

Why: We do the work we pack the order send it we are not about to do more work for free because you didn’t take the time to plan or your situation changes, plan before you order.

We are more than happy to help you select the right shifter , just email us  info@s1sequential.com with details of your gearbox and what your fitting it too and we will make sure you get the best shifter for your car. 

  1. Warranty and tech help are for one year from sale.

Why: We would love to help but we ha been selling these for many years now and the reality is they don’t break or wear out almost all tech help past initial set up is us diagnosing gearbox of clutch issues that was fine at first but if we sell a constant amount of shifters each year and do the same amount of tech help per shifter ever sold eventually we will just become a free gearbox tech help center, If you have a gearbox issue you need a gearbox guy.

  1. Exchange, If you are not certain what shifter to order please contact us before buying, send photos and any other information we genuinely want to get you the best product for your car that will give you the most enjoyment. If you do order the wrong shifter and have not yet fitted it and its within 2 weeks of delivery you may exchange it however you will have to cover freight , insurance, customs charges and a 15% repacking fee( we have to check it all over), this will add up quickly so please just ask us if your unsure. If the shifter has been fitted it cannot be exchanged we don’t care if your mechanic didn’t read the instructions to find out it’s the wrong shifter.

In some cases we can sell you parts to convert it to the correct one eg cd001 > cd009 or gmt56 to magnum f being 2 commonly mistaken ones, in these cases it will be much quicker and cheaper just to buy the new parts than return.

  1. Shipping

We send with dhl express and we will fill the real value on the export documents.

Why: We send with dhl because they are the fastest most reliable carrier with the best service, we must declare the real value by law.