We currently make sequential shifters to suit the following :
Tremec t56, Magnum and tr6060
(all except for corvette, 2nd gen ctsv and dodge challenger). Multiple shifter types available please check you are selecting the correct one. T56 selector at this link https://s1sequential.com/tremec-t56-tr6060-magnum-shifter-selector/
Tremec T5
Ford box, Gm box may need modification to the selector shaft. We do not have ford siera
Nissan cd009
We have all from cd001 – jk41a
R154 / AR5
Both types of R154 available and Ar5 to suit solstice and sky boxes only. A W58 is not an r154 and we do not make a shifter for it.
Ford Toploader, G101, T101, GF101a
These are all available, this shifter may be able to be adapted to similar transmissions but we cannot help with that.

We are working on tko/tkx at the moment but have no further information until that are available.

If its not listed here as us making it we do not make it, we will not make you a custom shifter please do not ask.
We are extrememly busy trying to run a business and develop new products here so we cannot discuss this any further.