TKX/TKO Sequential shifter

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This shifter is to suit the TKO and TKX gearboxes and will your standard H-pattern gearbox to sequential operation with a simple bolt fitting for repeatable quick shifts. This has been designed for easy instaliation for anyone with basic mechanical skills. Get the next gear every time!

  • ~ Precise mechanical feed back to the driver.
  • ~ Fast consistent shifting.
  • ~ Mechanical reverse lock out for safety and ease of installation.
  • ~ Option of 0-5V position sensor for use with data logging and electronic dash equipment this can also be used for gear-based boost settings and other applications.
  • ~ Optional gear indicator (sensor is now included in price of gear indicator, no need to select sensor separately)
  • ~ Neutral can be selected between every gear.

Performance benefits 

Get the next gear every time! It’s not possible to get the wrong gear with this shifter. No more accidental 2-5 shifts costing races or 5-2 costing engines.
Our sequential shifter does not work by forcing the gearbox into gear and will actually apply less force to the internals than a standard shifter and far less miss shifts will drastically reduce gearbox wear. The shifter has been specifically designed for use with synchro gearboxes and the loads encountered under hard driving, you will not break this shifter!
The shift speeds are improved purely through the greatly improved usability for the driver. The simple pull back to up shift and push forwards to down shift is much easier to coordinate all movements under racing loads than the H-pattern shift.

(Dimensioned drawings are available for you to check compatibility, all shifters fit gearboxes and not specific cars, you may need to modify the transmission tunnel to suit.)

What is included?

The basic kit includes everything you need to convert your gearbox to sequential shift including the shift knob but we do have some options :

  •  The gear indicator and sensor can be used to display what gear you are in.
  • The position sensor on its own can be used to display gear on many aftermarket displays.
  • Shifter surround will help keep noise and fumes out of the car around the shifter opening.
  • The high linkage lever will give you a high mount lever  while maintaining the short thow and can move the lever backwards or forwards. This is mostly used for race cars and when the lever position needs to be moved further than about 70mm.
  • The direct high lever will give a high shift position mounted directly to the shifter.


Instructions can be downloaded as a pdf here

Please see the street test at this link : Sequential shifter street test
On track at this link : sequential shifter videos 

All direct mount shifters are design to fit the gearbox and not a specific car, with direct mount shifters most require some trimming of the transmission tunnel and we have the “shifter surround” part available to seal this back up. In most cars the shifter will clear the interior trims and look neat once installed, if you can’t find a picture of a shifter installed in your model of car send us a message.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 40 × 13 cm