This has been designed with one goal in mind, to make the world’s best aftermarket H-pattern shifter with a heavy bias to track work. Designed primarily for track use this shifter features a high shift knob position to reduce the ” hand off wheel ” time to a minimum.
This is perfect for racing classes that prohibit the use of sequential shifters.
Supplied as a complete kit complete with linkages and rubber surround this will make using a late model tr6060 with remote shift in your custom build far easier than any other option and allow complete mounting freedom.
Track-H can be easily combined with our Magic box to make the ultimate H pattern shifting package.
1, Bolts straight to floor complete with moulded surround to comply with racing rules and for your own comfort and safety
2, High mount gear knob position
3, Optimised throw 70mm
4, Optimised side shift
5, Completely unique look, we threw the budget out the window on this one and just made the best possible product, form and function are both pushed to the limits. If you want a cheaper shifter there are hundreds to choose from, if you want the best here it is.
6. To be announced later