4 speed Sequential, Tex, Gforce, Ford

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Sequential shift to suit the classic top loader box and easily adapted to any 4-speed using external linkages on the side.


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Sequential shift to suit the classic  ford toploader box G101, T101 and Gf4a gearboxes.

We expect all of these to go in race cars of high power street cars many of which will have dog gear sets so have designed things a little different than usual. The shift pattern is 1234 with a neutral between in each gear, in this way you can easily drop it out of 4th to neutral to roll it out after a run and its impossible to accidentally get neutral if you attempt to down shift from first.

To keep things simple and reliable reverse is selected with a second independent lever.

We have a  couple of versions of this shifter.

V1, We made these for the ford toploader box they have no gear interlocks as the gearbox has these internally they are also about 8mm thinner than the V2. No Reverse switch and long throw only. (Round lever type)

V2, This has been made for the t101 G101 and Gf4a  which required gear and reverse interlockthis has an integrated reverse switch and thereis a version to suit the Ford toploader. The V2 version has the choice of a straight or laid back shift lever and choice of throw 70 or 38mm. (Machined lever type)

All fitting components are included with each shifter including the shift knob, We have an optional gear indicator and sensor available.

The shift knob is mounted on a M12x1.75 mm stud if you want to run your own shift knob.

We will have a munci version of this soon, We just need to make new shift arms, push rods and brackets to suit. Im not sure how long this will take but im sure we will see it in 2023. If you want to be notified when the munci spec shifter is available please sign up below.

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Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 14 cm

V1 Long Throw, V2 Ford toploader Long throw Stright lever, V2 Ford toploader Long throw laid back lever, V2 101/gf1a Short throw straight lever, V2 101/gf1a Short throw laid back lever