Tr-6060 remote mount shifter

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Sequential shift conversion (remote mount) to suit most post 2005 cars using tr6060 or t56 .

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Please check the installation instructions and check you get the correct option.

Lever type *

All come with our engraved black Delrin shift knob.



This shifter uses an adaptation of the mechanism used in our original sequential shifter. The black box unit bolts directly to the gearbox to convert your H pattern gearbox to sequential action. The lever section uses a floating pivot mechanism to allow the most direct shift possible. This can be fitted to custom built cars quick and easy with no cutting or modification required on the car or gearbox.

  • Advanced adaptability with customization lever potion
  • Great option for engine conversions
  • Enables the fantastic tr6060 mg9 box to be used as an alternative to the magnum at near half the price
  • Kits available for most post 2005 Vehicles running the T56 or Tr6060  Transmission
  • Built in boot to seal out road noise and fumes

Performance benefits 

Our sequential shifter will drastically reduce gearbox wear as the unit applies less for to the internals compared to a standard shifter as it does not force the gearbox into gear and minimizes the chance of miss shifts.  The robust shifter was specifically designed for synchronised gearboxes and will withstand the loads encountered when racing hard.

Your shift speed will improve greatly with a simple pull back to shift up and push forwards to shift down. The design increases driver usability especially whilst racing as it allows greater ease to coordinate movements. We have optimized the design for the best driver feedback possible with a direct and solid feel to suit your needs on track.


What’s included in this kit?

We have everything from the sequential conversion unit alone, to complete vehicle specific kits that require no modifications to fit.

Please select from the drop down menus to choose the options that best suit you and your car.

Click to download the remote mount shifter installation instructions


Sequential conversion box: This mounts directly to the gearbox and converts the H pattern motion, to the sequential action.



Sequential shift lever: This is not just a simple lever, it features a floating pivot that insures the shift knob remains almost stationary as the engine and box move back and forth under acceleration and deceleration. This comes with a rubber boot to ensure road noise and fumes are kept out. Available in raw aluminum of uv stable anodized Black.



Fitment kit: We have vehicle specific fitment kits or you can choose the custom kit that comes with 40cm length rods for you to cut to the length you require.

Gear position sensor: This reads the position of the magnet inside the gearbox to determine what gear the shifter is in, it then outputs an analog signal that can run either to our gear indicator or can be used to display the gear on most after market dash displays via the engine ecu.

Gear indicator: This displays the gear you are currently in, it comes pre-programmed and is easy to install. you will also need the position sensor for this to work.

Standard flat style

Which shifter will my car need?

This can be a confusing subject, the remote linkage shifter type Tremec T56 and Tr6060 look identical on the outside an the only difference in terms of the shifter is the throw of the selector shaft which is 22mm on a T56 and just under 18mm on a Tr-6060, The T56 variant of this box onlong came in some early VE Commodores in Australia all US cars  with this box style are Tr-6060.

6th Gen Camaro 

We now offer a kit for the 6th gen camaro  but there are some things to consider before ordering, We will provide the shifter kit with the shift rods at the correct length and the lever offset spacers but some modifications will have to made to the gearbox, Please read the details at this link


Click to download the remote mount shifter installation instructions

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 44 × 32 × 17 cm

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  1. Damon Miller (verified owner)

    I love it

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thanks S1…cant wait to put this on my tr6060!!!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Patrick Laughlin (verified owner)

    This product is awesome! Grip it and Rip it!

  5. James Finnigan (verified owner)

  6. Christopher C. (verified owner)

    Install was extensive. Custom fitment was necessary. But it works as it should. I’m happy.

  7. Scott Hollis (verified owner)

    Very pleased with parts and service

  8. Sam Gray (verified owner)

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