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These levers will fit any of our direct mount shifters in the left or right lever spec.

1: Offset lever  This is used to move the lever back or forwards and is normally used with Vx-Vz Commodore and Viper but can also be needed on some conversions if the lever is not in the perfect spot.

2: T-Bar lever A classic style, available in Black or silver.

3: Direct high  Moves the shift knob up high next to the wheel without increasing throw and keepts the shift knob vertical through travel

4: Standard This comes with the shifter standard

5: Pistol grip Another classix style available in black or silver

6: High linkage lever the entire kit is supplied including lever,linkage rod, shifter arm and fasteners. This can be used to move the lever much more than the other options, therer are multiple pivot holes so the throw can be changed.


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 1 × 1 cm

1: Offset lever (silver part only), 2: T-Bar Lever (black lever silver handle), 2:T-Bar Lever (black lever black handle), 3: Direct High Lever, 4: Standard lever(as supplied with shifter), 5:Pistol Grip Black, 5:Pistol Grip Silver, 6: High Linkage lever kit.