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Gear indicator for use with our sequential shifter.


Sequential gear display

This gear indicator has been designed specifically for use with our shifters. Our testing showed that the simple 7 segment led display give the best visibility without distracting the driver.

The gear indicator is mounted in its own 44mm aluminum housing finished in a sandblasted and anodised finish.

We have integrated a light sensor to minimize wiring and make sure the brightness is perfect in all conditions.

The recent 2020 update allows the reverse input to be either a positive or ground trigger and the small style have 360 degree code for easy installation without orientating the sensor.

To use this with our shifter you will also have to use the gear position sensor to read the angle of the magnet located inside the shifter. .

You can download the gear indicator instructions as a pdf  here.

We make these only for use with our shifters, It may work with other set ups that have an analog output but we cannot provide any assistance with this.

* If you have an aftermarket digital dash you might prefer to program that to show current gear which can be done with gear position sensor alone.

Gear indicator for bolt on sequential shifter

Gear indicator installed @04badgto #pontiacgto #gto #holdencommodore #monaro #gearindicator #racecar #sscommodore ...

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We have updated the code on the latest run of small gear indicators to allow it to work regardless of position of the sensor. This will make set up easier. #sequential #s1sequential #gearindicator #racecar #driftcar #camaro #commodore #stickshift ...

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Haltech dash integration with our sequential shifter by @nozilla_ny #s1sequential #tremec #stickshift #sequential #racecar #haltech #gearindicator ...

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    Craig Meyer (verified owner)

  2. Simon

    Charles Haynsworth (verified owner)

  3. Simon

    Kenneth B. (verified owner)

    A nice addition would be a display that fits inside a standard pod.

  4. Simon

    Steven Conder (verified owner)

  5. Simon

    Keith Collins (verified owner)

    Your shifter is the best thing to happen to a T56.

  6. Simon

    Damon Miller (verified owner)

  7. Simon

    Kanyon Howard (verified owner)

  8. Simon

    Tony Baya (verified owner)

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    Saeed Saif Mohammed Hyat (verified owner)

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    Patrick Laughlin (verified owner)

  11. Simon

    Coffs Mechanical (verified owner)

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    Inversiones Alvarado y Gomez (verified owner)


  13. Simon

    Greg (verified owner)

  14. Simon

    Stephan B. (verified owner)

    Wiring diagram

  15. Simon

    RH Bullard (verified owner)

  16. Simon

    John Yde (verified owner)

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