Convert shifter spec

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These kits available so you con convert your direct mount sequential shifter to another version if you decide to upgrade your transmission.

GM T-56 > Magnum F 

  1. Magnum F shaft fitting
  2. Ball plunger bung
  3. Purple shift cam


GM /Ford /viper> Magnum 6 bolt 

Converts all direct mount variants except for T5.

  1. Mag 6 base plate
  2. Mag 6 shim plate
  3. Mag 6 slider plate
  4. Mag 6 shaft fitting
  5. Mag 6 bolts
  6. Mag 6 purple shift cam
  7. Mag 6 Ball plunger bung

Ford t56/ viper t56 > Tr-6060 variant 

  1. Purple shift cam
  2. Ball plunger

Magnum 6 bolt to GM T56 

  1. Orange cam
  2. GM T56 Slider
  3. GM T56 base plate and spacer
  4. GM T56  shaft fitting

Magnum 6 bolt to Magnum F

  1. GM T56 Slider
  2. GM T56 base plate and spacer
  3. GM T56  shaft fitting


  1. Remove all 4 M5 bolts from the right side of the shifter and remove side cover
  2. Remove slider plate
  3. wedge something between the high lift section of the cam and the shifter case to prevent rotation, usually I use aluminium about 10mm thick then undo the bolt while being very careful that you do not cut your hands on the sharp edges when the bolt finally lets go.
  4. Reassemble
  5. Consult new variant instructions for fitting and remember to remove the ball plunger from the front right side of the box and replace with the supplied bung. 


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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm