Gear indicator fitment & programming



This gear indicator differs slightly from most by using not just an analog signal to determine gear but also an input from a reverse switch which is necessary with our shifter.




Mount the gear indicator in the desired position and connect all wires.

Wire Colours

Black = Ground (this should be shared with the Ecu ground and sensor ground  and not a chassis ground)

Red = 12v (ignition switched maximum 18 V)

Yellow = 5v output for position sensor ( join this to the red wire on the position sensor and only this wire )

White = Signal input (join to white whire on position sensor)

Blue = Reverse input (to output from reverse switch on gearbox maximum 18V                                                      triggered when input is high)




  1. Hold the programming button down while the ignition power is switched on this will put the gear indicator into programming mode. The programming button can be accessed through the 4mm hole on the front of the gear indicator. This should be done with a nonconductive object to prevent any accidental damage.
  2. The gear indicator will now pulse the gear it is waiting to be entered starting with neutral.
  3. Select the gear displayed then press the program button.
  4. If using with our sequential shifter after the 6th gear is entered it will automatically progress and programming is finished.
  5. If using another gearbox with less than 6 gears on the entry of the last gear instead of pressing the program button hold it until the display flashes.
  6. The reverse symbol will now be displayed for 5 seconds, if you want to set this press the program button within this time and it will begin to flash waiting for programming. Once reverse is selected press the program button to enter. This step is not used for our shifter but is needed for some other gearboxes.


If you have any problems with this product, please contact us at

This product is not for use in road going vehicles it is for off road and track cars only.