The Sequential difference


Why convert to sequential shift?

The H-pattern is fine for every day sensible street driving but under the loads of high speed acceleration and cornering changing gears can be much more challenging. This is made even worse by driveline rotation that occurs during the shift when the torque is interrupted. The sequential shifter solves this buy using a simple pull back to shift up gears, push forwards to shift down gears with a direct motion that allows you to feel exactly when the gear is engaged.


Will this be hard on the gearbox?

We have done extensive design and testing to ensure this will not shorten the life of any components. Many users have commented that the sequential shifter is saving gearboxes due to no missed shifts. There are many design features that enable us to have a fast shift that will not damage anything, but we will keep those to our selves as we know there is another company still trying to get their design to work. The shift improvements you see are all through superior driver feedback and control.

Is fitment easy, can I do it my self ?

Yes, it’s a bolt on fitment any enthusiast or mechanic should be able to do this easily. We provide comprehensive instructions and great after sales support.

How smooth is the shift ?

The shifter moves with very high mechanical efficiency. The truth is in a shift there is very little force required except for when the synchro’s are doing their work. Some manufactures will try and cover this up with rubber or springs but in reality this creates a vague shift which is probably ideal for a new luxury car but is not what we require for fast shifts, this shifter is direct and precise.

How is reverse selected ?

The shift pattern is RN123456 , to select reverse you rotate the reverse lock out lever then engage the gear. This mechanical solution allows removal of the factory electronic lock out which often causes clearance and extra wiring work in conversions. The reverse lockout is a result of the efficient shifting mechanism we have used, we could easily make a shifter with no lockout but it wouldn’t be as good in the forward gears and that’s obviously not a valid compromise.


Can I get neutral between gears?

Yes neutral is still between all gears so you can at any time disengage the driveline.

Warranty ?

We have a 1 year warranty to the original purchaser but realistically you won’t break this shifter however if you do manage to break or lose anything at any time contact us and we will sort it out.

Do you have a contact number?

Yes we do and we are happy to chat before any purchase or for any after sales questions. If you want to talk send us an email with what you want to talk about and it will help if include any pictures of what we will be discussing.



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