People often ask for products we do not sell so this page has been made to explain this

There are limited hours in the day and we have a lot to do, we cannot spend all day discussing what we don’t have please respect that.

· If we don’t sell something we simply don’t sell it that’s it.

·If we are out of stock thats it, obvoiusly we want to have stock but demand fluctuations and manufacturing delays can mean we sometimes run out, this isn’t the end of the world and we cant magically have more stock instantly.

· There can be many reasons we don’t sell something, lack of demand/no realistic design solution/ lack of time/not viable but we will not explain this decision with you.

· We are always working on more shifters but we will not comment on this as if we say we are working on it we get non stop emails asking when it will be ready, designing these is not straight forwards and the time cannot be estimated please dont ask.

· If you have asked a question and received an answer thats great we have discussed something but..

· Basically all arguments we have are with people trying to buy things we don’t sell not customers who have actually bought our products. Getting angry about what we don’t sell won’t help if your irrational we will block you this isn’t a counselling service we all have limited time to live life so lets make the most of it.