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Please read all points below and the instructions further down the page before contacting us.

1.Our customer service is to help with fitment of new shifters we have sold only.
2. We sell only the parts listed on the website.
3. The best way to communicate is an with email with order number and photos of the gearbox, shifter and anything else of interest.
4. The most common problem is not following the instructions.
5. Your gearbox may need the internals rotating to select gears, this is normal with any shifter it’s just that with a h shifter you would be unaware that the gear isn’t fully engaged.
6. Almost all shifting problems are the clutch, this goes for a normal shifter too. If it grinds into reverse or the car moves as you engage reverse you clutch is dragging, this can be more of a problem as the car gets hot. Realistically most gearbox problems come from clutches not disengaging correctly.

require assistance with fitting or installation instructions for our shifters, please visit the following link: Fitment Instructions.


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