Conditions of sale

Conditions of sale

99% of our customers are awesome, we are very lucky to be involved in such a great industry, but because of the 1% we have set the following conditions of sale.

  1. If you are not sure which shifter to buy contact us before buying, we are happy to help. Its best to send pictures of the car interior and gear box so we can give the best advice.

Discussing the correct fitment with customers saves everyone a lot of time, money its efficient and everyone is happy.

Our shifters will also only fit the gearboxes they say they will. If you buy it thinking it will magically fit something else and it doesn’t we will not refund.

If we send the wrong part we rectify the situation and don’t charge you a cent.

  1. No returns for change of mind. We have had people not finish their project/run out of money/ insert problem here and ask for a refund a 6 months after buying the shifter, the shifter is not a trading token it cannot be redeemed for cash.
  2. We do not cover any additional costs you might incur fitting the shifter or additional parts.
  3. Read the instructions.
  4. Please if you have a problem with fitting the shifter contact us before you get frustrated with it, the problem is almost always an extremely small oversight that any of us could make (smart people often miss simple things) but since we have already made all these simple mistakes we can recognise the issue quickly and of course it could be an issue with our product.
  5. We aren’t open on weekends, public holidays or at night.
  6. Read the instructions.


All our products have a 1-year warranty from date of delivery. We will replace any parts that fail if it is used as intended.  Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the product. Keep in mind the shifters are very robust and will probably last the rest of the car’s life.

Back orders

If there is something listed as on back order with no delivery date it means we don’t know If you are ok with that go ahead and order, if not please do not order. If there is a delivery date listed that’s our best estimate it may take a little longer, we can’t exactly control the timing of everything like people seem to think.


We are located in Brisbane, Australia. All shifters are sent with DHL  some smaller parts delivered within australia may be shipped with Australia post Delivery time can vary dependant on location on average though it would be 2-4 days worldwide.

During sales such as black friday shipping times may be delayed.

All customs fees are payed by the customer. We will not change the value on the export papers. We cannot change the delivery address once an order has been placed however you can contact DHL and get the item redirected.