We have offered the sequential shifter for the 5th Gen Camaro for years and have had many requests for a 6th Gen version, because we are located in Australia we havnt had access to a 6th Gen. Luckily a customer has taken it apon them self to modify a 5th gen kit to suit. Mostly the modifications involve clearancing parts of the gearbox housing due to the different rear housing and also the shift lever needed some offsets under it to lift it a little. Photos of these modifications and installation are below.

The feedback on what was required was “. It is extremely tight between the top of the transmission and the floor pan. We had to “massage” the floor board to get to clear the shifter mechanism itself but only in one small spot where the small shifter arm is on the mechanism itself where the linkage bolts.”

“Where the linkage fits between the trans tunnel and the transmission it is still very tight. Once it was all in it works flawless and is a great product.”

We will supply all modified shifter parts with this kit.

The 6th gen shifter can be ordered at this link https://s1sequential.com/product/t56-tr6060-remote-mount-shifter