Secret shifters

$ USD 10,000.00 + Gst for Australian orders

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We have no secret shifters, if it is not listed on our website we do not make it, We often get emails and phone calls from people thinking we have a secret stash of shifters to suit there car that we just wont sell for what ever reason, this is simply not the case it makes no sense.

At the moment we make shifters for Tremec T5, Nissan cd and jk boxes  and  most Tremec t56 and tr6060 gearboxes ( except for  second gen ctsv and c5, c6, c7,  corvette) .

We  almost have the sequential shifter for external linkage top loader style boxes ready this will  suit ford toploader , g force 1010 and many similar gearboxes.

We are currently working on R154  and Corvette shifters  but we do not have a date that they will be ready. We will let you know when that’s done.

We hope to get something worked out for BMW transmissions.  We will let you know when that’s done.

We will not make custom one off shifters.