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2020 Sequential shifters

We have a few new sequential shifters in the prototype or production stage as we enter 2020 including the following:

Corvette to suit C5, C6, C7:

c5 c6 c7 sequential shifter

Tremec TKO:

tremec tko tko500 tko600 sequential shifter
A bolt on sequential shifter for the TKO transmission

Ford toplader: this will also suit many other external linkage transmissions like those from G force ,  Andrews transmissions, Jerico, Muncie, T10.

Nissan CD009 transmission:

So this one isnt a sequential but a  high direct mount H-patten shifters to suit TKO, Magnum , Magnum XL, Ford t-56 & tr-6060, Viper T-56 & tr-6060, Tremec t-5.